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About Us

Founded in January 2000 in Coimbra, Portugal, MagicBrain®/OFPG, Lda. began his activity as a service company, specialized and focused in deploying and managing infra-structure and network solutions based in Open Source technology.

Additionally we develop full web-based software and applications, also under Open Source technology and licensing.

MagicBrain®, is a company highly specialized in:

  • Infra-structure and network engineering
  • System Administration
  • Servers management
  • Security analysis
  • Stand-Alone, Mobile and Web Software development
  • Software analysing

Offering a wide range of solutions, services and strategies for resolution of existing technological issues in organizations, through analysis, design, development, integration and implementation of efficient, usable, and interoperable solutions.

Today, MagicBrain® is a company recognized in the market, which provides technological solutions based Open Source also supporting and participating in the development of existing projects in Open Source Community.

Our organization

The current divisions in MagicBrain are as follows:

  • Networking & security division
  • Support and maintenance division
  • Software development division
  • Mobile software development division
  • Commercial & customer support division
  • Administration & financial division

MagicBrain® have it's network operation center, fully automatized.

All the servers, systems and global network, managed by MagicBrain®, are constantly verified, in realtime, so our engineers can provide pro-active actions, in MagicBrain's infra-struture.
Our customers managed infra-struture, are also included in MagicBrain's NOC system.


Data Centers

Our state-of-the-art data centers geo-location map

magic4hosting Data Centers

magic4hosting Data Centers


  • 1. Amsterdam, The NetherlandsMBAMSEU-01
  • 2. Frankfurt, GermanyMBFRKEU-012MBFRKEU-011
magic4hosting Data Centers


  • 3. SingaporeMBSIG-01
  • 4. Hong KongMBHK-01
magic4hosting Data Centers

North America

  • 5. Dallas, United StatesMBDUS-01
  • 6. Los Angeles, United StatesMBLUS-012
magic4hosting Data Centers

South America

  • 7. São Paulo, BrazilMBSPBR-01

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