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Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. If a copyright violation is recognized, we preserve the right to suspend your service.

In this case, you have 2 hours to delete the copyrighted content.

If the content isn't deleted, your service will be suspended.

You may contact support department directly at to temporarily unsuspend your service in order to delete copyrighted content. When this is carried out, your service will be unsuspended.

Spam is an emailing practice when a perpetrator uses large email lists to force his message on people that would normally would not choose to receive it.

If we recognize that you are sending large amounts of emails without any evidence of those recipients being subscribed to your mailing list, we preserve the right to:

  • warn you and ask for a full explanation, of the SPAM content
  • if we don't have an full explanation, we will suspend your service

You can choose to automatically install Virtualmin (GPL), cPanel or Plesk to your VPS during the checkout process.

However, you can also install free open source control panels or any other web server management panel by yourself such as Ajenti, Kloxo, OpenPanel, ZPanel, EHCP, ispCP, VHCS, RavenCore, DTC, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, SysCP, BlueOnyx, or other.

Magic4Hosting offers Firewall functionality as a feature for Virtual Server instances to provide traffic filtering functionality.

This firewall is applied "in front off" your instance on Hypervisor level, and is managed by Magic4Hosting engineers.

For each deployed VPS, by default, we never provided firewall rules, because we could block some resources for our customers.

You can request us to open or close ports and alter IP limitations by creating a support ticket.

Long messages can be sent, that is, messages larger than 160 characters for plain text, 140 for flash and 280 for Unicode).
For concatenated messages (long) each part is counted every 153 characters for plain text and 268 for Unicode, once that the remaining characters will be used by the system to transmit additional information and to add the message to the recipient's phone.
Note that in Unicode, each character Counts as 4.

To send sms messagens with special characters, you must to choose the option Unicode (UTF-16-BE encoding).

Recipient numbers of the message, must be in E.164 format (Ex: 351211450000).

Multiple recipient numbers can be separated by commas (note that the comma (',') must be in URL encoding).

You can use your own source identifier, that should appear in the message.
Maximum size is 18 if numeric only or 11 characters if alphanumeric.

Importante Note:

For all countries, except Portugal, the source identifier must be checked before you can use, by the law limitations of each country.
We can propose your source identifier, for verification. This verification can take up to 24 hours.

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