How to adjust junk settings in Outlook

Posted on Monday, 02 of January of 2017
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The Junk Email Filter is designed to keep junk email messages, also known as spam, from cluttering your Inbox.

By default, the Junk Email Filter is turned on, and the protection level is set to Low.

Adjust the sensitivity of the Junk Email Filter

Applies To: Outlook 2010 and above

Access Junk Filter Options

Go to the Home tab, locate and click on Junk, and then click Junk E-mail Options.

Access Junk Settings

Adjust Junk Filter

On the Options tab, select the level of protection that you want:

No Automatic Filtering

Although this turns off the automatic Junk Email Filter, messages are still evaluated by using the domain names and email addresses in your Blocked Senders List.


If you don't receive many junk messages, or want to filter only the messages that are the most obvious junk, select this option.


If you receive lots of junk messages, but don’t want to restrict messages from senders on your safe lists, select this option. You should periodically review messages moved to the Junk Email folder, because some legitimate messages might also be moved.

Safe Lists Only

This is the most restrictive option. Any message that is sent neither from someone on your Safe Senders List nor to a mailing list on your Safe Recipients List, is classified as junk.

Block Specific Senders

You can also block a specific sender, just access the Blocked Senders tab and add any email address you wish to block:

Note: While the Outlook Junk Email Filter protects against much of the spam sent to you, no filter can catch every junk message.

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