Software as a Service

The platform your software deserves

Software as a Service

The platform your software deserves

Your software is great.

But that means nothing if the infrastructure you’re delivering it on isn’t great too.

Make sure customers anywhere in the world can always download your software quickly, reliably and without hassle.

All without having to invest in your own hosting platform.

High scalability

  High scalability  

SLAs guarantee

  SLAs guarantee  

Hybrid Ready

  Hybrid Ready  

How we meet SaaS vendor needs

Invest your capital in the software you're developing – not hardware.

Move your infrastructure from Capex to Opex and make a big difference to your bottom line.

By using our state of the art platform you can benefit from increased flexibility, accountability and improved cash-flow.

SLAs guarantee the reliability your customers demand

Our global next generation network, based around strategically located state of the art data centers, means we offer guarantees to deliver your software to your end user in the most reliable and efficient way.

Expand globally as and when you need to

Hybrid solutions combining dedicated servers and private clouds along with a world-beating content delivery network means you can scale up (or down) as and when you need – without forking out for new gear every time.

Rely on us to help – 24/7

Our support is “no nonsense”, one to one and 24/7

Magic4hosting engineers know your infrastructure inside out, of course, but they also have a deep understanding of the SaaS business and its particular technical requirements. Call, chat, email... whatever your question, whenever you ask it, we’re here to help.

Count on us to meet necessary standards and regulations

To ensure that our data is secure in our data centers, Magic4hosting adheres to certain compliance standards and regulations.

These standards ensure that you can trust us with your data and that our security practices are up to scratch.


  • Basic architecture for up to 10 concurrent users
  • Use our high speed, high reliability network
  • VPN allows you to securely manage your applications


  • Cost effective
  • Scale up as your needs change


SaaS - Small Business

As for small business, plus:

  • Architecture suitable for up to 100 concurrent users
  • Hybrid infrastructure combining Bare Metal and Cloud
  • Redundant firewalls and load balancers
  • Applications stored in separate server silos


  • Rapid deployment of additional capacity
  • Additional peace of mind with redundant components


Saas - Medium Business

As for medium business, plus:

  • Architecture suitable for 100s of concurrent users
  • SAN/NAS storage solution


  • Optimum solution for large scale software delivery


Saas - Large Business

Choose how you'll succeed. With our SaaS solutions, and the personal support of our experts, you can shape exactly the kind of solution you need to build your business.

The ideal mix of dedicated servers, public or private cloud and content delivery network for your situation.

With the ability to scale up or down whenever you need.

You only use and pay for the capacity you need or use.

Because we believe that great technology decisions are also strategic Decisions.