Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Company Identification

The OFPG, Lda. (VAT No. 504 799 487) has its head office at Rua de Saragoça 18-A 3000-379 Coimbra (Portugal) and the contacts are as follows:

Email: magicbrain@magic4hosting.com
Phones: +351 239 058 707 e +351 239 058 880

General conditions of service provision

The general conditions regarding services provided by OFPG, Lda. Are available through the following documents (available at www.magic4hosting.com):

  • General Terms and Conditions for the Domain Registration Service
  • General terms and conditions concerning the accommodation service

The restrictions and rules regarding hosting of sites are included in our Acceptable Use Policy (PUA).

To view our Acceptable Use Policy (PUA), click here.

Functionality of services provided

Magicbrain, through its magic4hosting service, provides its customers with infrastructure, dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), cloud private servers (CPS) and cloud private storage.

The amount paid for each of the contracted services represents the service itself, and the management functions that magicbrain places at the disposal of the customer on the contracted service may vary:

  • By the datacenter location, chosen by the customer.
  • Through the type of service contracted by the client.
  • Through the technical characteristics of the service.
  • Through the commercial characteristics associated with the service.
  • Through the commercial policy associated with the service.

Through its contracted service, magicbrain provides the client with a range of administrative and management tools for the contracted service, where its use or availability may vary according to the service that the customer has contracted.

Magicbrain undertakes and guarantees the availability of the service or product contracted by the customer, access to the server (dedicated, vps, coud private server, cloud private storage), under the conditions present at www.magic4hosting.com.

Magicbrain includes in all its services and products the technical support service to customers (ticket system, telephone or email), in which the customer can make any requests for support, for the services and products aquired.

Management Features, made available to each service, in the reserved area of ​​the client

The management features, present in the reserved area of ​​the client, are constantly improved and new functionalities are regularly included in each of the services.

Below you will find the current functionalities present in each one of the services and products of magic4hosting, service managed by magicbrain, belonging to the company OFPG, Lda.

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) (Except datacenter of São Paulo, Brazil):
    - Start.
    - Stop.
    - Reboot.
    - Virtual Console SSH (not native).
    - Status of VPS.
    - Installed Operating System.
    - Request for Reinstallation of Operating System.
    - Request for installation of Management Panel (Webmin / Virtualmin, cPanel, etc ...).
    - Full administration access through SSH (Linux Servers);
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) (Datacenter of São Paulo, Brazil)
        - Virtual Console SSH (not native).
        - Full administration access through SSH (Linux Servers);
        - Full administration access (Microsoft® Windows);
  • Cloud Private Server (CPS)
        - Start
        - Stop.
        - Reboot.
        - Virtual Console SSH (native).
        - Cloud Private Server status.
        - Service Status.
        - Description of contracted service resources.
        - Cloud Private Server deployment.
        - Usage of disk space.
        - Performing Manual Backups.
        - Programming of Automatic Backups.
        - Restore existing Backups;
        - Task Journal;
        - Executed Jobs;
        - Installed Operating System.
        - Choice of Operating System to be Installed.
        - Automatic Execution of Operating System Reinstallation.
        - Request for installation of Management Panel (Webmin / Virtualmin, cPanel, etc ...).
        - Full administration access through SSH (Linux Servers);
        - Full administration access (Microsoft® Windows);
  • Cloud Storage Platform
        - Access via FTP, SFTP, SSH, RSYNC;
        - Access via MagicBrain File4All Software (where applicable);
        - Requests for replacement of data;
  • Shared Accommodation Service:
        - Access Administration Panel (WebMin / VitualMin, cPanel).
        - FTP access.

Traffic made available for the services provided

The monthly traffic made available for Virtual Public Servers, CPS (Cloud Private Server), Dedicated Servers (Bare Metal) and Shared Hosting is defined in each product or service description, in our website.

The exception services for standard traffic for each products or services are:
- CDN Delivery;
- File Delivery;
- Squid;
- Proxy or OpenProxy service;
- VPN or OpenVPN;

The exception services provided for above are subject to a monthly traffic base limit of 1TB.

You may perform a monthly traffic upgrade for the exception services previously provided up to a maximum of:
VPS (Virtual Public Server): 12TB monthly traffic;
CPS (Cloud Private Server): 100TB monthly traffic;

The traffic upgrade value is:
All datacenter (Except Datacenter of São Paulo - Brazil): 4,92 € / 1TB
Datacenter São Paulo - Brazil: € 14,42 (R$ 63,58) / 1TB

E-mail and anti-spam policy

The abusive use of electronic mail causes disruptions and damages to the infrastructure of the
The monthly traffic made available for Vitrualmagic4hosting as well as to the other users and third parties, directly and indirectly, to the
the normal operation of systems and service support.
Magic4hosting considers as SPAM any and all email sent with intent
commercial and not requested by the recipient. In addition to the foregoing, any
email address that could cause a negative impact on the magic4hosting infrastructure or
IPs of our infrastructure in SPAM lists.
As such it is not allowed:
. Sending SPAM.
. Sending e-mail to the so-called SPAMTRAPS.
. Massive sending of commercial electronic mail or unsolicited personal.
. Sending emails to anyone who has expressly requested your cancellation.
. Use our servers as SMTP "Open Proxy" or "Open Relay".
. Hosting of pages that provide SPAM services.
. Hosting of pages advertised through SPAM sent from other networks ("Spamvertising").
. Any action that puts magic4hosting's IP address space in blacklists

Whenever one of the above situations occurs, magic4hosting reserves itself the right to immediately suspend the contracted service without the right to reactivate or any refunds

Cancellation of Services

The Customer may cancel their service, and the cancellation period must be made 30 days before the intended date of cancellation of the service.

In case of failure of payment by the customer, magicbrain reserves the right to cancel the service, and the Customer will be notified by email 24 hours before said cancellation.

Magicbrain is not responsible for loss of data on Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Private Servers (CPS), Cloud Storage Platform (CSP) or Shared Hosting, which have been canceled due to non-payment.

Magicbrain is not responsible for loss of data on Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Private Servers (CPS), Cloud Storage Platform (CSP) or Shared Hosting, which have been canceled at Customer's request.

Magicbrain does not return the remaining contractual amounts in the event of an early cancellation request for services.
The remaining contractual amounts are credited to the Customer's account, which may be used to purchase new magicbrain products or services.

In the cancellation of services, the return of values ​​to the Client account, only occurs in the case:
    - Failure to access the service.
    - Failures to respond to support requests.
    - Failure to comply with functionalities to the contracted service, described in the Terms and Conditions of the contracted Service.

Reimbursement of amounts to Contracted Services

The Customer may request the reimbursement of the contracted service, within 48 hours after the service is provided, by magicbrain.
The magicbrain transfers the amount paid for the service to the Customer's account, and you may use the amount transferred in the purchase of new magicbrain products or services.

Services provided, prices and VAT

OFPG, Lda. Is recognized nationally and internationally by magicbrain, the brand of which it owns.

OFPG, Lda. Is one of the most important companies in the national market operating in the area of domain registration, web hosting, cloud services, server housing and systems administration.

Information regarding the price of domain registration can be found at www.magic4hosting.com.

For information about hosting service, dedicated servers, cloud services, server housing and respective prices see our website at www.magic4hosting.com or email magicbrain@magic4hosting.com.

To all the values presented in the site www.magic4hosting.com adds the VAT to the rate in force.

VAT applies to all services requested by customers resident in Portugal and is not applicable in the following cases:

  • Companies / Companies of the European Union having a valid taxpayer number. In these situations the customer must mention the tax identification number at the moment in which it subscribes to a certain service so that the VAT exemption is validated by OFPG, Lda .;
  • Societies based in countries outside the European Union having a valid taxpayer number. In these cases, the client must provide a copy of the tax identification document by email so that the VAT exemption can be validated by OFPG, Lda.

Payment methods

The payment methods provided by OFPG, Lda. Are as follows:

  • Check or Postal Voucher issued to OFPG, Lda. Order and sent to:

OFPG, Lda. (magic4hosting.com)
Rua de Saragoça 18-A
3000-379 Coimbra

  • Transfer or Bank Deposit (it is necessary to send proof of payment by email or through the customer area at www.magic4hosting.com)

Name: OFPG, Lda.
Bank: Novo Banco
IBAN: PT50 0007 0376 0002 5440 0038 8

ATM and Credit Card (Option available when you subscribe to an online service)

Electronic invoicing

By subscribing to a Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. service, customers accept e-billing for the services purchased. The invoice will be sent by email to the customer email address listed on the admin area.

If you prefer to receive the invoices by post, you may uncheck the Electronic Invoicing feature through the admin panel, or you can also make this request by email.

Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. reserves the right to wait until the payment made by the customer is fully credited to our bank account in order to enable the service.

Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. is not responsible for charges levied by banks that may be associated with a payment by bank transfer.

Privacy and security agreement

Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. values your privacy and is dedicated to protecting your personal information, ensuring adequate security when accessing our servers which are in secure locations with restricted and controlled access, as well as data protection when paying by credit card.

We further warrant that your personal information will not be used for marketing purposes and that it will not be disclosed to any third party organization or company.

We advise all clients to keep a copy of the requests/subscriptions made trough www.magic4hosting.com, as well as a copy of all payments made to Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda..

Disputes arising from the supply of telecommunications services

Under Article 15 of the Portuguese Public Services Law (Law 23/96, 26 July), the disputes arising from the supply of telecommunications services by Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. to our individual customers, must be submitted to the Tribunal Arbitral dos Centros de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo, should the customer specifically request it in writing.

Alternative dispute resolution – Consumers

Under Article 18 of Law No. 144/2015, September 8, Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. informs its customers, who are consumers under the definition outlined in this Law, that they may consult the full list of Consumer Disputes Alternative Resolution Entities (Entidades de Resolução Alternativa de Litígios de Consumo or “RAL” entities) available at the Direção-Geral do Consumidor website (http://www.consumidor.pt).

The above paragraph does not constitute acceptance or binding by Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. to any Arbitration Convention or adherence to any one of the RAL entities listed in the above mentioned list.

Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. also informs its consumer customers that there ia an online dispute resolution platform that may be used when the parties reside in an EU Member State - "Platform RLL" available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Magicbrain/OFPG, Lda. furthermore informs its customers, who are consumers, that for the purposes of this clause, our email address is magicbrain@magic4hosting.com.

Last updated on: Monday, 12 of August of 2019

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